Foodsmith local. organic. fresh.

Chef Jamie Smith started Foodsmith to make it easier families and working adults to eat healthy. I connected with the Foodsmith team when they were looking for a developer to help them integrate a subscription e-commerce solution with their WordPress website. I selected WooCommerce + the WooCommerce Subscriptions plugin for the job. Some customization (order/delivery dates) was required with their specific ordering process, which I built as well.

On top of this, I built a custom plugin for Foodsmith that allowed customers to pick a location for picking up their meals from an interactive map. I used Leaflet’s Javascript framework for this, as well as Geocoder for geocoding the addresses. The end result was a solution that made it easy for the Foodsmith team to add locations and for customers to pick where to pick up their delicious, healthy meal!

Future work is underway that will further enhance the user experience for customers, giving them an even more seamless meal ordering service.