Hechinger Report Upstatement Apprenticeship Project

My first few weeks at Upstatement landed me in the QA/enhancement phase of the Hechinger Report.

This meant that I wasn’t heavily involved in development from the ground up; I was instead responsible for bug fixing/finding, fulfilling last-minute feature requests, and being an advisor on the project in a WordPress capacity. I was also responsible for pre-launching the site (everything but the path map switch). This included building/running content transformation scripts to massage old data into new formats (such as taxonomies, metadata, and links), and migrating the database (made easy thanks to the lovely WP Migrate DB Pro).

I’m proud to have worked with the Upstatement team on the site; the branding, typography, overall design, and the front-and-back-end dev combined to make one beautiful site.

Check out the full announcement post on Upstatement’s blog, or check out the site itself!

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