WordPress e-commerce… eCommerce… Ecommerce? WordCamp Asheville 2013

I was a speaker at Asheville’s first WordCamp! I spoke in the “User” track on WordPress + ecommerce. The session was basically a “101”-type course, offering a wide range of advice in hopes of allowing potential ecommerce site owners to grasp what they need to know to launch a successful, secure ecommerce website. Here’s a description of and link to the video:

“With WordPress powering over 20% of all known websites, one would assume that it’s used for more than just blogging. WordPress is used for corporate websites, mobile apps, social networks, e-commerce, and more. This session includes guidance on setting up, hosting, securing, theming, and customizing a WordPress e-commerce website. Criteria is shared for selecting an e-commerce plugin, while parts of the talk will focus on a particular plugin for the purpose of illustration. The session is most helpful to those who are interested in or in need of an e-commerce website, but could use some guidance in getting off the ground. The talk delves into moderately technical subjects, but not in a way that would prevent beginners from gleaning important information.”

Check it out!

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