OptionTree: A Review

OptionTree Settings GUI
OptionTree Settings GUI

With my new venture at Lucky Hat Studios, I’ve moved primarily into front-end development (for now). With this, I came across the need to utilize site options – ways of allowing site owners to fill in content to use in the theme (like phone #, address, etc.).

I knew of a plugin that could do such things – the well-known Options Framework. However, OF really seemed overly complex for this need, and while I could easily use the API to create options, the lack of a GUI was a downer for me.

I then came across OptionTree. This plugin does similar things (to my understanding) as Options Framework, but with the addition of  a GUI. The GUI allows you to set up sections and settings that are defined by the user under Appearance -> Theme Options. OptionTree allows you to create a wide array of settings, things like text, wysiwyg, upload, post picker (including CPTs), and more.

Best of all, it includes import/export functionality to utilize common settings across sites. Sweet!

I cannot describe the amount of time this plugin has saved me. Download it, use it, and leave a well-deserved 5 star review!

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